1. Photo Ā© Moises Saman/Magnum Photos
    IRAQ. Baghdad. March, 2014. Children on a field in the Sadr City district of Baghdad, a predominantly Shia slum on the outskirts of Baghdad.


  2. The child of a KKK member touches his reflection in an African American police officer’s riot shield during a demonstration. [1992]


  3. Alfred Eisenstaedt


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  5. Photo Ā© Gilles Peress/Magnum Photos
    TANZANIA. 1994. Rwandan refugee camp in the Ngara region, near the border with Rwanda.


  6. Working at high altitudes, Woolworth Building, New York, 1926.


  7. It’s been almost ten years since the death of Magnum’s legendary co-founder, Henri Cartier-Bresson. Don’t miss the grand retrospective currently up at theĀ Centre Pompidou—>http://bit.ly/1nhKXjc

    Photo Ā© Henri Cartier-Bresson/Magnum Photos
    SPAIN. Andalucia. Seville. 1933.


  8. Photo: Ā© Bruce Gilden/Magnum Photos. USA. NYC. Coney Island. 1982. Woman on beach pointing at a man near her.


  9. "Cartier-Bresson died in 2004, but this anniversary show reinforces that he is as substantial a presence as ever."

    Photo Ā© Henri Cartier-Bresson/Magnum Photos
    SPAIN. Valencia. 1933.


  10. muratibrahim:

    Kiss From A Lamb, Ist January, 1939

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  11. historicporn:

    Attempting to revive anĀ unresponsiveĀ soldier.

    Vietnam, 1967.

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  12. "It is not actually possible for me to photograph myself, as empathy, the quality that drives my work, can only be felt with another human, not with myself. " - Danny Lyon/Magnum Photos


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