1. 1904 the edible ice cream cone made its first American debut @ the St. Louis World’s Fair!


  2. myhipstamaticproject:

    Capitol Records Los Angeles CA #myhipstamaticproject


  3. July 4, 1977: Bridget Cota, 1, watches band in Pacific Palisades Independence Day Parade. This photo was published in the July 5, 1977 Los Angeles Times. Photo by Lee Romero/Los Angeles Times. 
    For additional July 4th photos check out this Celebrating Independence Day photo gallery:http://wp.me/pT9sV-ndk


  4. Photo © Micha Bar-Am/Magnum Photos
    Woman returning her goat from the fields. Judea, 1967.

  5. Penélope Cruz




  8. Jan. 22, 1958: New York’s famous skyline was greatly reduced by fog that was part of a storm that disrupted air, sea and automobile traffic, brought the city’s reservoirs to 85 percent capacity and flooded Westchester basements. The Times reported that flights were rerouted, a boat ran aground, a motorist was killed and there was snow in the Midwest. Photo: Arthur Brower/The New York Times


  9. LIFE photographer Allan Grant clowns around during an assignment along Route 30, 1948.


  10. Photo: As fellow troopers aided wounded comrades, a paratrooper guided a medevac helicopter through the jungle foliage to pick up casualties. April 1968. Photograph by Art Greenspon/Associated Press.

    Vietnam War photos that made a difference. Story told by Richard Pyle, who covered the Vietnam War for The Associated Press from 1968 to 1973 as a field correspondent and, from 1970-73, as Saigon bureau chief.


  11. On Memorial Day, LIFE recalls the single most searing photo essay to emerge from Vietnam, ‘One Ride With Yankee Papa 13’ — Larry Burrows’ classic 1965 portrait of a young helicopter crew caught in a fight for the lives.


  12. Henri Cartier Bresson


  13. LIFE.com is taking a closer look at this iconic photo of Coney Island from 1952.

    (Margaret Bourke-White—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)